Look Forward Press Release


July 26, 2015Apps iPhoneNo comments

“Get ready for creating countdowns with Look Forward”

ABC country, July 25, 2015, users are exciting to learn about a new app that can create countdowns.

Look Forward is the new app launched by Paul Ong on July 14, 2015. The app consists of innovative features that are meant for improving the countdown experience. It can get you news on the basis of anticipation for making you updated about the latest news. The events planned can be shared with friends to let them know what you look forward to. It also lets the user browse the popular things in trends such as the TV shows, new products, upcoming movies, events and even the best places to go.

The developer says “the app lets users keep track of any occasion such as holidays, birthdays, new product launch, anniversary, exams, new restaurant visits, attending concerts, an upcoming movie or the time for favorite TV show.”

This is not it, Look Forward consists of a whole bunch of features such as the full screen countdowns, creating personal note for each countdown, browsing the popular countdowns, searching for the countdowns, adding more countdowns with simple click, sharing the countdowns, wallpapers, syncing the countdowns to the calendar app, and accessing the countdowns from different devices using the product website.