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The App That Keeps upto data with The Olympics 2012 Results:

The London Olympics 2012, an event that occurs every four years and holds the entire world still as everyone cheers for their country or their sport idols. Many people just get to watch the opening ceremony and do not get to watch the whole olympics due to busy work schedules and long working hours. It is difficult to keep up with athlete profiles and updated with the events, after all there are 36 sports in the Olympics! An app that finally does it: the London Olympics results 2012 available without any complications!

The application includes live updates, a timeline that shows all the events in a systematic format. It allows you to receive news and immediate updates. The schedule allows you to follow the sport that is in progress, view the results immediately and share the news with your friends. It also allows you to view day to day events, set reminders of particular events, personalise your preferences of sport and customise the settings to your will. The application also consists of medal tables that is the overall medal count, which country they were awarded to, which sport and individual. The app contains athlete profiles that contain all the participating athletes. You can view the athletes current Olympic standing. You can follow any athlete and receive notifications and updates of their performance. You can also view pictures and commentary from the Olympics. The app let’s you view the record of the Olympics, excess background information and learn more about the sport or athlete. Not only that, it allows you to follow your favourite athlete’s performance, follow any particular country, or individual sport. The latest news, pictures, details of the Olympics 2012 are all accessible thanks to this app.

With the great amount of sports and individuals anyone is bound to be overloaded with Olympic updates however this app is great with the specifics. For users, the price is a priority however this application is absolutely in free. Unfortunately this app is only available in English but it makes the Olympic results easily accessible and meets an individuals preferences and the task all the easier. This app is a must and an essential for all sports lovers. The rating is on average 4 star and some people might get some problems such as slightly delayed statistics and freezes but otherwise many people have voted a definite yes on this one.

You can free download London Olympic 2012 Results app on your Android mobile phone.

Hope you enjoy the app !

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