My Little Beast iPhone App for Kids and Adults


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Living in the word of the imaginations is the most favorite habit of the almost every kid and youngster. Everything one is imagining is not possible to be done in real life because fantasies are only fantasies you can’t implement them in your real life. Linden ePublishing has designed and developed an interesting game app My Little Beast in which you can build the shapes of the animals that’s you have imagined. This is the funny game app that everyone is going to enjoy no matter they are kids or youngster. Imagine some funny shape, build it by choosing 10 different shapes and have fun. Show the pictures of the animals to your friends you have imagined and build, also ask your friends to use their imagination powers.

iPhone App for Kids and Adults:

Imagine any shape of the animal which you want to build and see that how it will look like. You can enjoy this game any time anywhere, No matter you are in office, school or at home. Getting bore just open the My Little Beast app and start enjoying, the interesting sounds, the well designed graphics and the craze of seeing your imagination really sketched in front of you is going to make you so busy that you are not going to even see the time.There are about 30 animals and 183 animal parts in My Little Beast that you can use, imagine and build. You can give any name to your imagined and build shape of the animal, save the build shape in your phone and then share it with your friends and family on the facebook.  You can check the gallery section in the app to imagine more crazy shapes. Rotate, resize and flip feature is there for you in the My Little Beast so you can easily build your imagined shape.

So friends don’t miss the fun of enjoying and building your imagined shapes of the animals. This app is available for download in just $0.99 on the App Store. You can also buy the two extra packs that are available with the app in which there are more animals and the backgrounds. Feel free to ask any query,for the further information visit the website of Linden Publishing .  I am imagining how the panda will look like if it has body of the monkey and wings to fly, seems so funny. Hurry up friends, also share your crazy imagination with us, so we all together can have fun.


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