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So as it mentioned in the title, the game is in 3D format which is suitable for most modern android devices. The game is available on Google Play in two versions. Lime 3D Free –is just a demo version which includes several levels of different hardness and just Lime 3D – the full version which includes all the features that we’ll tell about later. The game was tested by me on my both android phones and I’ve found it work smooth. So let’s look at the game!
Who is Lime? and What is Lime?

lime 3d android app
As we can read in the description on Google Play “..Lime is a small alien explorer of the Cubix world. He is smart enough to complete any task by himself but now he need your help to explore all the Cubix world levels. “. The story seems to be classical by other words ….The main hero is great but it has no brain!… So as you can guess now, it will be you, who’ll help our green no-brain hero to find his way out. But how?

The Goal and Gameplay:

So what’s the goal? As we can guess by some screenshots and demo video, Lime 3D is a push-the-box like maze game with elements of well-known old games as Sokoban, Bolderdash, Puzzle boy, Edge and several other types of games. Yes, it seems so, but actually, the idea of the game, has just a light traits of all these games. The main goal of the game, of all the levels or “stages” (does anybody still remember old Nes games?) is to help Lime to get his way to so called “teleport”, which will move him to the next level. So every stage of course has this incredible device somewhere. But don’t you think it will be easy? – Yes It would be a quite simple task, BUT Cubix world has no straight ways! There always something between Lime and Teleport, it could be holes in the ground which can be filled by suitable block, or several blocks, or blocks which you can move only in particular place, or strange rotating doors of various shapes, which should be moved/opened by particular way before you can pass them sometimes pushing block through. There are 50 levels available in 4 levels of difficulty! some of them seems to be simple but some of them cracks your mind.

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Lime 3D Android Puzzle Game control:
The control of the game could be separated to another story. First time I’ve tried to manipulate Lime crashed my mind. There is nothing to operate, no joystick no on-screen buttons. So, how? After several minutes of playing I successfully understand how it works. Yes it quite simple. If you put your finger somewhere on the left of the screen Lime goes left, if you put your finger somewhere on the right of the screen Lime goes right – so nothing extremely hard here, just tap down and it will go down. Note you may tap on the screen or just put your finger and slide to needed direction. To help you to observe all the game field there always be a camera button, so, you can switch between viewpoints anytime. But it does not make your life easier.
My opinion Lime 3D:
I’m not a fan of puzzle games but I liked it! The game is worthy to play but of course some people will agree with me but some people not. Lime 3D is a perfect game for people who like to train their brain resolving puzzles, find ways through mazes, or just calm game lovers. It has an original and fresh idea, perfect and smooth 3D graphics and animation, attractive and interesting gameplay. Anyway I recommend you to try it.

Lime 3D is available on Google Play here.

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