Kidz Fun – Category Select a universal handy app for Kids

Kidz Fun – Category Select a useful handy app made for only preschool kids. This application’s primary objective is to educate. It’s a paid app. So before downloading you should buy this amazing tool. This app are categorized by many sections likewise – Alphabets, Numbers, Songs and Stories section. All the sections are described by advanced images with Multilingual Audio. There are 7 languages – English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese and Tamil. Language preference can be chosen from Kidzfun-Settings tag situated at the bottom and it can be accessed from wherever throughout the app.

Alphabet sections are described by 4 category likewise-(1) Animals, (2) Fruits/Vegetables, (3) Flowers, (4) Fruits/Vegetables. Kidz Fun-Select application aims for kids to know more details about a word for an alphabet in a particular category .This entire segment is described with appropriate Audio and Good quality images. The number sections are described with fundamental primary knowledge of Mathematics like- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Shapes. These sections also described with small arithmetical problem with the help of images.

Features of Kidz Fun – Category Select app

  • Removes add segments
  • High quality animal pictures
  • Superb Interface for Users
  • Kids friendly songs, stories and other kind of fun content
  • Require internet connection for Songs and stories categories.
  • This app does not offer items for in-app purchasing.
  • There are educational videos of stories
  • Removed access to external websites,

Kidz Fun – Category Select App Available in Google Play store & iTunes platforms. Kidz Fun – Category Select app is best for 6-8 ages. Kidz Fun – Category Select app can access-Photos/Media/Files, Storage, Wi-Fi connection information, Other Information.

IOSKidz Fun – Category Select

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