Kids Memory an Entertaining Puzzle Game App

Kids Memory is a universal puzzle game app for the little ones and also for the elderly. It’s so easy to play. You just have to remember the last tap images during playing time. Kids Memory game divided into 4 Major sections Likewise-Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. Easy and Medium sections is a practicing point for every beginner. But Hard and Expert sections is a toughest section for every game lover. Although this game is quite easier than any kind of puzzle game sections. You just have to remember the last images that you have tap the screen during playing time.

Kids Memory have 18 different topics Likewise-Birds, Cakes, Candy, Cars, Cats, Dinos, Dogs, Farm, Fruits, Insects, Kids, Owls, Sea, Space, Sports, Toys, Travel, and Trees. All these 18 topics are described with cool and super images. All this Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert sections are categorized by Blank Options Likewise-Easy sections have 6 blank options, Medium sections have 12 options, Hard sections and Expert section have 20 & 24 blank options. The negative part of this app is its Ads inbuilt. Good part of this app is it’s a freeware app that means there is no need to purchase this app before downloading. Kids Memory app available for both Android and IOS platform

Kids Memory is an offline based there is not necessary internet connectivity to playing this game. For android platforms its run with 4.0 and up version. iOS platforms version should be 7.1 before downloading.

You can download from here –

iOSKids Memoria

Android- Kids Memory