Jumpfimaga Crazy Puzzle Game


Jumpfimaga Crazy Puzzle developed by Alejandro Gomez is the most ingenious puzzle game. It is great fun to play. There are three levels of the intelligence and time constraint is there to solve the riddle of that level. Pick one level from the five levels of difficulty level and challenge your brain. The objective of this game is to put jointly an entire sketch of the different figures. If the figures finishes their jumps on the correct location they are going to change their color otherwise stay flashing.

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Challenge Your Intelligence:

There are three levels of intelligence in this riddle Genius, Super Genius, Einstein plus. The third intelligence level puzzle is the hardest one. You don’t have to pass any level to reach the next. There are five levels of the difficulty in this game. Choose one of them and test your intelligence. Challenge your mind and see what you can do. Each level is harder than the previous level. There is no need to have an internet connection to play this game you are allowed to create, delete the players and see their scores in the internal database of the app.


5 Difficulty Levels:

• First level: The puzzle the figures always remain unchanged.
• Second level: The figures rotate to 90 degrees
• Third level: The figures are reflected every time they jump.
• Fourth level: The rotation of the figure is based on the direction of the figures.
• Fifth level: The figure can be displaced if another figure lands.

Unique Features of this Riddle Game:

• The changing color of the figures if you jump at correct locations after completing the entire sketch.
• The approximate time required to download this riddle is 90 sec.
• All the figures that are finished making their jumps in sketch remain unchanged.
• There are three intelligence levels you are free to choose any level.
• If you are unable to complete your sketch on time you can still continue but without scoring points.
• There are five level of difficulty each level is harder than the previous one.
• To start the riddles you have to touch any number grid and then second time you can slide your finger.
• You can undo your mistakes that you made in the riddle.

• If you jump at wrong location after entire completion of sketch the wrong figures will remain flashing.
• No internet connection is required to play this riddle.
• There is time limit in order to accomplish the goals.
• You are allowed to create, delete the player and see their scores.
• This puzzle game has its own internal database.
• You can set up from any level.
• The jumps in the diagonal are not acceptable.

You can free download Jumpfimaga game from Amazon here, or you may search and find “Jumpfimaga” on Google Play.


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