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The world is becoming more and more international. And to know a foreign language is n’t an option now, it is a must. Almost each profession requires knowledge of some foreign language. And thanks to the development of mobile technologies, people got an opportunity to study on the go just using some application that can be loaded from the app store.
Of course in one article it is impossible to make an overview of all language study applications developed by various companies. So, today we will focus on best iPhone apps for learning different languages.

iPhone Language Learning Apps List:

The Spanish Language:
Learn Spanish (Hello-Hello) teaching method looks like being based on flashcards study, but in fact the application provides more features, including voicing of words, audio and video service for the learners. The only disadvantage of it that it is mainly focused on vocabulary study.
iStart Spanish! It is another great app made for total beginners. Alphabet, pronunciation, right stresses. The tasks are delivered in increasing difficulty level, so that the study won’t be very hard. Unfortunately, it is a paid app, but the cost of 5$ isn’t as high as the app really costs.

The French Language:

iSpeak French application is just one of the many app for iSpeak line. Of course, it is paid application, but the price isn’t very high – about $2. But if to speak generally, it is a translational application from English into French and vice versa with the function of voicing.

LearnEazy application is developed both for adults and children. It doesn’t need any Internet connection and combines visual and audio methods in word study. Besides, there are very interesting quizzes to test yourself.

The German Language:
German FREE 24/7 Language Learning is another application from the app line developed by 24/7 Tutor Inc. Just like all previous application it is mainly used for word memorizing. The working methods, good graphics, regular updates, fast work. What else can be needed?
German Audio FlashCards is a German language vocabulary learning tool which includes about 3000 words and word phrases recorded each with a native speaker audio recording. The words and phrases are put into more than 100 WordFiles. Each WordFile contains up to 100 words.
The Russian Language:
The Deluxe is a Russian–English and English–Russian dictionary app. It is very friendly to newbies and helps to learn the basic grammatical structure of the Russian language, and gives the learner the most basic words, word phrases and sentences to learn.
Of course, it is not a full list of apps developed for language learners. There are more languages, more applications, more approaches.

However, most of the applications for language study have one drawback: they all learn the vocabulary. But as you know a language is something more than just words.
But still such apps can be of help for those who want to improve their vocabulary or listening comprehension skills.
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