iPhone Monitoring Apps For Tracking Kids


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The most worrying aspect for any parent is the safety of their kids. However it is not practically feasible to ensure their safety by being on their side always. Just as you make use of iPhones for multiple activities, you can use the same technology to ensure the safety of your kids and protect them from impending harm. This is made possible with the help of iPhone monitoring apps. There are many such apps currently available on iPhones which can be used to track the kids. So, let’s embrace the advancements in technology for our kid’s safety.
Let’s have an overview Top 4 iPhone monitoring apps.

Top Best 3 iPhone Kids Tracking Apps:

1. iCurfew:

This iPhone app helps you to know where your kid is at any moment. Basically, this app is intended to check on older kids. It helps to establish communication between the parent and the kid. The best part of this app is that kids cannot modify the location information. With the help of the email information received from the kid, you can track the location. On receipt of the email, a Google map direction of the location is also made available to the parent. This app is quite economical and is very useful in knowing the whereabouts of your kid.
2. Kids ID:

The worst nightmare for any parent is the child getting lost. Kids ID is a wonderful iPhone app that helps you to trace your kid easily. This app enables you to photograph your child along with certain inputs relating to the kid’s profile description, medical history and other relevant information which can be directly sent across to the law enforcement agencies to enable them to locate your kid.
3. Teen Ticket:

This iPhone app is very useful when kids are stuck in dangerous situations and they are not in a position to call and ask for your help. With the help of the Teen Ticket, all that the kid has to do is open the app and click on the help button. Instantly an email message is transmitted to the registered email id from which you can track the location with the help of Google maps.
Mobile Monitoring Software:

There are many features in the iPhone monitoring software that help parents to track their kid’s activities and protect them. Mobile Spy is one such application which to its credit has put forth the world’s first commercial spyware for the Apple iPhone. This app is also compatible with the new iPhone 4S model too. As a matter of fact, Mobile Spy is the most preferred monitoring app employed by many parents globally. To confirm yourself, peruse through the mobile spy reviews available on many monitoring app review websites.
The installation of such spyware is very easy and takes just a matter of minutes. The iPhone monitoring software has a host of beneficial features aimed at monitoring and tracking your kid’s activities. Some of them include GPS tracking, call tracking, email tracking, tracking of text and chat messages, restricting or blocking access to applications, view contact details and also review the videos and photos stored on the iPhone.
On the whole, with the help of iPhone monitoring apps, you can easily monitor your kid’s activities and ensure that they are protected from the ever increasing mobile threats.

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