Top 10 iPhone GPS Map Navigation Apps


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iPhone GPS Map Navigation Apps:

There are several iPhone GPS Map Navigation Apps out there today. With paid and free versions available, individuals can make a choice according to their needs and convenience. There is no point of purchase an app if its features are not going be used at the end of the day. Different apps have different features that can be appreciated accordingly. Amongst the different iPhone GPS Map Navigation Apps, the top 9 are listed below.

List to of Top 10 iPhone GPS Map Navigation Apps:

1. Google Latitude 

Google has amazing power and resources to its name. Accurate directions for walking, driving and even public transport can be found. This app leaves a lot that’s desired though. Different areas and places can be detected with ease, along with detailed traffic information and easy contact navigation. Google Latitude doesn’t provide a trip summary and can’t be used by individuals traveling alone as the arrow buttons need to be clicked every now and then for further details and directions. Google Latitude do offer good features that keep it amongst the top free GPS apps.

2. TomTom

TomTom is one of the best names when it comes to GPS as it’s a solid app. TomTom offer amazing w Guide Navigation Assistance along with 3-D maps and a feature that individuals love, Lane Assistance. Complicated freeway transitions can be made easy through the Lane Assistance feature. TomTom offers fast and accurate rerouting that makes it really difficult to get lost no matter where individuals may be. The only issue with this app is requires a fee for detailed traffic information. Goof navigation requires a complete address to be detected. Besides zooming in, an individual can’t really interact with the map while driving. The HD traffic information feature is available, but is charged.

3. Motion X GPS Drive

Motion X GPS is one app that has been downloaded by many. Its cost is really low and opens with a beautiful yet simple interface that anybody can understand. Search options can be found in a wheel with icons that are easy to recognize.

The amazing feature that Motion X GPS Drive has is the Wikipedia button. This allows individuals to search, locate, get directions along with a summary and even find a link to different locations. This helps individuals head to new places but is of no use to the individuals who are lost. A live traffic routing feature can also be found on this app. There are hidden fees to Motion X GPS Drive for voice guidance with turn-by-turn navigation after a period of 30 days. The traffic information is quite predictive, while the routes provides are non-optimal.

4. TeleNav GPS

TeleNav GPS has a free version but its features expire in 30 days, so the paid version is preferable. This app allows check ins that can be made easily and updated on Facebook. Several voice commands are available on TeleNav GPS along with turn-by-turn that’s voice assisted. The street names are clear and easy to read. Good auto rerouting is also available on TeleNav GPS but it is a little slow. The traffic guide routing is not live and quite predictive. TeleNav GPS comes at a price tag that’s a little more than what it has to offer.

5. Waze

Waze is a good app that has been changing the whole experience of navigation by adding social networking to it. Several apps allow individuals to share their location on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Waze does it differently by building its own social network. There’s an exclamation button the main screen of this app that gives individuals the ability to report speed traps, traffic accidents and a lot more. Waze has a simple navigation screen that allows good reading, scrolling, zooming and rotation and real-time communication with friends too. The rerouting features works rally fast, the moment the wrong road is taken. The voice assist is quite repetitive and can get a little irritating at times. Maps have to be downloaded as the journey continues, while there is no text directions summary.

6. AmAze GPS

AmeAze GPS is a good turn-by-turn voice GPS app that can be viewed in 2-D and 3-D modes. It has a decent interface that looks quite basic. The graphics are quite decent and the voice part help individuals when their driving. There is a paid version of AmAze available but there’s no need for it as the free version has all that’s needed. Individuals can just tap the local search or keyword option and get directions to the places their looking out for.

7. iWant

iWant is a sweet app that helps individuals know what’s around them instantly. The smallest to the biggest places can be found through iWant. Individuals can find different locations within a few seconds. More than homes and other places, this app offers directions to different locations of cinemas, cafe’s pharmacies, grocery stores, etc. iWant is a free and even though the paid version is available, there’s no need to opt for it. There is no turn-turn feature available, but iWant is a fun app that can be easily used by all.

8. GPS-R

GPS-R is one amazing free app on which individuals can keep reminders of the places the need to visit and the things they need to do. GPS-R tracks the location where one is traveling and notifies when an option from the reminder comes close. This app provides detailed information along with directions that are easy to read. Its functions are quite basic but load really fast. GPS-R is a good app for a balance between a to-do list and a GPS.

9. Automilez

This is a perfect and free app for individuals looking out to track mileage for reimbursement. Individuals can use this app to keep a track on where they’re going, the time and the money being spent to get there. Automilez has a simple yet sweet interface that can be understood with ease. A free account needs to be created to have complete access to this app. It works fast but doesn’t really have too many features that can be used. Turn-by-turn along with voice guidance is not available on Automilez. An odometer reading can be added with an easy start and stop option.

10. NAVIGON MobileNavigator

With built-in text-to-speech voice ability (computer generated), Navigon MobileNavigator is designed with many other strong features. It is way ahead in keeping a strong fix on the GPS and its ability to refresh the streets is updated with better engineering. Also, its 3D animation is smooth and it works flawless on both iPhone and iPad, without spending extra for a specific version. The app includes many useful navigation aids, multi-lane roads and lane diagrams. It has highway signs (for making exit choice clearer), next turn indicators, directions and the nature of turn.

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