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by Ehsan on December 8, 2011


Now-a-days there is more likely to have a dictionary app in your pocket. Is that enough? Of Course not. The dictionary app just provides you with the meaning only for the words that are already existing or new release of words, and it does not provide any sufficient language translation. This seems to be tough for all, when you are in need of specific meaning of the word in other language. Here comes a new Worldictionary app which satisfies all the features and helps you in a better way.

Worldictionary is a great tool for looking up words, which provide Real-time Translation and Search. It holds to be a primed travel tool for all. There are many features associated with it. The main screen consists of a larger magnifier with focus indicator to catch the words. Just by pointing your iPhone’s camera at any word or sentence, the Worldictionary will instantly define and translate it.

The unique features associated with Worldictionary are as follows:

1). Language Translation Icon: Generally there have been so far 21 languages inbuilt within the app. So when a person focuses on any word, he/she can get the meaning of the word in different other languages, by just making a tap over the icon. Then by using the search forms like Google, YouTube and Wikipedia provided on the top of the screen, you can get the full details about the word in an elegant manner. It automatically saves all your search records and even you can build your own word database to increase translation efficiency Thus these features helps you to survive wherever you go in search of words for the meaning.

2). Chat History Icon:  When you make a tap on this icon, you can get the full details of the words or sentence that have been searched so far, more than 500 words can be listed in the chat history. Once when you feel to clear your past history,  you can just tap the clear icon provided right there to make clear of all your past history.

3).  Bookmark Icon:  By using this icon, you can make a mark on all your favorite words or sentence and can be shared along with others, by just making a tap over the E-mail or SMS Share icon.

4). Flash Function Icon: This icon serves best, during the poor visibility of the text while focusing on the word. Thus the camera could not recognize the text correctly. At that time, you can make use of the flash function icon provided on the top right corner. This will automatically increase the visibility of the text, by just providing the flash over it. So now, the camera could easily capture the words and translate accordingly by the use of your needs. Once you have captured the word, you can just tap the  icon again to disable the flash and get back to the original position.

5). Setting Icon:  The Worldictionary can recognize, the words or phrases in an image and translate accordingly by the usage of your needs. It can also load the image directly from your iPhones’s photo album to your main screen. It also helps you to save the image taken in Worldictionary to your iPhone’s photo album.

You may checkout the the cool demo video of iPhone Wordictionary App:

Thus these are all the features inbuilt within the Worldictionary App. Thus this serves to be” The Best Travel Tool for All , Who are in need of Instant Translation and Search for Words or Sentence”.

The App is been compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G and requires iOS 5.

Download Link : Worldictionary

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