iPhone Animal App for Kinds


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Kids need a lot of attention and care. We all have to make them learn different things with lots of efforts. This I have understood when I was making my 4 years old kid learn different things including the name of animals. I was preparing my kid to get admission in school but I found it really difficult to make my kid learn the animal names with their sounds.

I discussed this matter with my friends and one of them told me to try any available app for this purpose. The idea clicked me a lot, as I have noticed that the kids of this technological era get attracted towards high tech gadgets and apps.

iPhone Animal App for Kinds:

Being an iPad user, I thought it would be convenient to find an iPad app from Apple app online store. On this online store, everyone can find paid as well as free apps. Moreover, the apps are organized under different categories to make it easy for the user to find out his required app.

Without much struggle, I found my required app, which was available at Apple app online store with the name of Animals. This app is developed by Wirenode s.r.o and is available for free.

Animals is a puzzle game available for kids to make them learn about different animals smartly. You will be amazed to know that your kid can learn about more than 50 animals, and for this, you will not have to pay anything. The best part is that this puzzle game is quite interesting to play. The kids will have to move different animals to their right place on the screen and the entire activity makes it quite interesting for them to play and learn simultaneously. You can use this app if you have iPad, as this app requires iOS 5.1.1 or later along with 41.1 MB space in the gadget.

You can free download app from Apple App Store here.

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