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Are you searching for unique and interesting puzzle games?? Getting bore?? Want some Refreshment?? Then try the  Gods & Dragons 3D iPhone app it  is the best and interesting puzzle game app in this game  you have to fight with the dragons and the monsters. This is very adventurous game with the thousands of the other players. You are also allowed to help your friends and the other players. The graphics of this game are very amazing once you start playing this game you are going to be addict of this .  The 3D characters are so well designed that they give the special effects. 

Features of the Gods & Dragons 3D:

  • The interesting part of the Gods & Dragons 3D is the continuous free updates of the app.
  • Unlock the higher levels by increasing your score
  • 3D Graphics
  • Amazing Sounds
  • Action Game
  • Battles with Monsters

This game is simple and easy to play. This game is interesting especially for the puzzle game lovers. There is one constraint for using this app that is the network connection. You need the internet connection in order to play this app if the internet connection is lost  your game is going to stop there.

Full of Action Puzzle Game:

Gods & Dragons 3D is basically the action game. This is the mind refreshing game you can use it anywhere. if you are getting bore, tired of doing hard work need some refreshing break than start playing this app I challenge you that while playing this game you are going to forget all other things for the while. This game app keeps you engage continuously.

3D Graphics  and Action Sounds:

The graphics and the sounds of the game are so mind refreshing that one feel so active after and while playing this game. You are going to have the opportunity to play in the 3D environment.

Unlock the Higher Levels:

There are so many levels in the Gods & Dragons 3D you have to increase your score in order to unlock the levels. There is the unique player skill tree that you have to unlock  in order to raid the dungeon. 300+ monsters are there in the Gods & Dragons 3D. you have to train each and every monsters to make them powerful from and each of the form should be with different sets of the 3D Models.

So what are you waiting for friends download Gods & Dragons 3D app from the App Store beat the highest score unlock the levels fight with the monsters and become legend by saving the word. You can free download from Apple App Store here.



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