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SD Speed Increase App helps you to speed up your SD Card. Today we will guide you how to increase your Android SD card speed. SD card reading speed depends upon which class of SD card that you have. Many people experienced and disappointed when comparing SD card speed on computer to that on Android device. There is too much difference in the reading speed on your PC’s and Android devices. The hidden truth behind this speed are exposed by the XDA forum member brainmaster, who states that it doesn’t matter on the Class of SD card you have. It’s all about the cache memory.

The default cache size of reading your SD card on Android devices is set to 128 Kb and on some ROMs it’s even to 4 Kb.

SD Speed Increase Android App Features:

After getting the main idea another XDA member and Android developer diego.stamigni finally develop SD Speed Increase App. This application make your SD card more powerful.  In this app developer changes the parameter in the file system that manage the cache size on the SD card memory. By default the cache size of your SD card set to 128 kb but the developer changes this value up to 2048 kb. After setting this value it was found that reading/writing speed on our external memory card boost-up.

Keep in mind when you reboot/restart your Android device, you lose all the setting that you did, So you can click on the dedicated box to allow this app to set on every boot the value that you choose.

Checkout the screenshots of the SD Speed Increase App:

SD Speed Increase app SD Speed Increase android app

If you have any question, suggestion or need support regarding this app head over to the XDA forum live thread here. You can free download SD card Speed Increase app by scanning below QR code.


You can also free download SD card speed increase app from Market or Appbrain by searching “SD Speed Increase app”.

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