How To Turn Android Phone As IP Wireless Webcam For Free


August 7, 2011Android5 Comments

If you have Android phone in your pocket and wondering to buy separate web cam for your PC, Stop! No more need to purchase separate webcam, you have webcam in your pocket. Yes, its true. You can use your Android phone as wireless or IP webcam for your PC. I have just tried and it works like charm. All you have need to install free Droidcam app on your Android phone and a light weight PC application.

Turn Android Phone As IP Wireless Webcam:

DroidCam app turns your Android phone to wireless webcam through your home WiFi network. Follow the below step by step guide to turns your Android phone to IP Wireless Webcam.

Instructions to Turns Your Android to Wireless Webcam:
  • First of all you need to download and install DriodCam on your Android for free from here.
  • After that download and install DroidCam exe.
  • If you don’t have VLC player on your PC, you can install from here.
  • Once everything is successfully download and installed, move to next step.
  • Run DroidCam PC client and Android app on Android phone.
  • Now enter your Android phone IP address in DroidCam PC client and inter connect. As you can see in the below screenshot.
  • Once connected, Run VLC media player and go to media –> Open Capture Devices and select Droidcam and click play. As you can see in the below screenshot.
  • Once done, you can see your Android phone video streaming on FLV player.
You can see all of the above steps in the below video demo:

You can see that how easy is to turn Android Phone as IP Wireless Webcam For Free. I have tried it and it works great. If you have any question, feel free to ask. Stay tuned for more cool free apps.
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5 Responses to “How To Turn Android Phone As IP Wireless Webcam For Free”
  1. a. nomus thanx for you ip address…you life iz never gunna be the same…

  2. piet

    gee Nomus

    a real hacker

    hacking a private ip address

    somehow i dont think YOUR life will ever be the same again

  3. Who the hell do you think

    Or you could just use IP webcam. You don’t need to download any software to your pc.

  4. itsehsan

    You need to install DroidCam exe, on your PC and also VLC media player. Follow the first three points. Thanks

  5. nawy

    not getting connected…………..

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