How to Transfer files Wirelessly without WiFi Network with Android ICS


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As you know that WiFi is very popular technology which allows you to transfer or exchange files wirelessly through one wireless device to another device. But when you come to the mobile devices, you don’t have this option before to transfer or exchange data from one mobile device to another mobile device through WiFi. Now most of the people want to transfer data through Wi-Fi, instead of Bluetooth because Wi-Fi is more fast then Bluetooth technology.

For Example: You are in a situation where you don’t have mobile data cable and no WiFi Network available to transfer the data urgently. The only the thing you have is the Android phones and your Windows PC. Now you can only one solution to transfer data from Android phone to Android phone or Windows PC is through WiFi.

Now I will tell you how this magic happens to transfer data wirelessly without wireless network. There are two options to do this either you use Google Play apps or my your Android device settings.

First of all I will show you how to transfer files wirlessly without wireless network in Android ICS with Android apps.

How to Transfer files Wirelessly with Network via Android ICS (Apps):

Before going further this solution is tested and compatible with Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich.

Step 1: These two apps offer you to transfer files wirelessly without wireless network.

Samba Files Sharing Download from Google Play here.

Wifi Hotspot

You may checkout another Wireless Remote Control Android App.

Step 2: Hotspot configuration: Go to Menu > Advance Setting > LAN setting and “Enable Wifi Hotspot”

Once done, configure Samba File sharing and also enable Samba File sharing.

Now you can access you Android device via wireless network by entering \\ or my custom IP that is appearing on your Samba app home page. You can also create username and password to secure your data.

2nd Method:

How to Transfer files Wirelessly without WiFi Network with Android ICS:

Android 4.0 ICS has ability to directly exchange on WiFi. It basically create adhoc connection between once android device to another android device by using WiFi access point. In this process host device act as an access point for the other device.

First of all you need to turn on your WiFi direct by going to setting > Wireless & Networks and enable it. You also need to turn on “share” via wifi. It works just like Bluetooth.

WiFi direct is the not a hardware speacifi features, it is a part of operating system. So its mean that any Wi-Fi supported device can be use as Android direct. Now this feature is built in all Android device who is coming with ICS.

Now I will show you some screenshots of Nook Color which is running Android direct

nook color wifir directandroid wifi directSource 1, 2.

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