How to Submit Android App on Google Play Checklist


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Submitting Android app on a Google Play store is not as easy task. Because is the Google Play is largest Play Store in the world of the Android. So this largest store have some standard rules and procedures that you need to follow. The store provides the users single platform to distribute, sell, advertise their apps. Before Submitting your app you have to follow some simple steps. To effectively promote your app advertise it on the Google play prepare promotional assets such as the Launcher icons, screenshots, feature graphics, promotional graphics and videos.

Checklist of Submitting Android App:

1. To submit an app on the Play Store publisher account must be created.

submit android app

2. After signing in you are taken to Android Developers Console.

  • There appears an Upload Application button. Clicking on this button is going to initiate the process of distributing. Now upload the APK you have to distribute

3. If there is any APK expansion file required to run upload by clicking Add file.

  • Once you have uploaded the APK it is going to be saved as drafts it is not published until some details are not provided to Google Play. The page of the product details is divided in several sections to capture the information’s.

4. Populate the boxes and the image fields with required information. In this portion upload assets you have to specify all promotional assets like icons, screenshots and graphics.

publish android ap

  • After providing all the details submit it or Save it

5. If you submit the dialogue box appears which asks you about submittinggp-dc-upload-assets option details regarding the pricing details, copy protection, content rating and country distribution. 6. To see you listing of your app go to Listing Details. In this portion you have to enter the information that Google Play will display to its possible users of the app. In this portion you also have to specify the language, category and the type, little description and the title . 7. Your app is going to appear soon in the Google Play Store search shortly.

  • The Consent is obligatory portion used to declare that the app meets the Android Content Guidelines and acknowledgements.

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