How to Redeem Promo Code from iTunes, iPhone and iPad


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Apple iTunes launched the Redeemable Promo Codes to permit developers to distribute their apps for the reviewing purposes. The past options included sending reviewer small iTunes gift card but with promo codes the developers quickly generates the code and email to the reviewer who has to simply redeem promo code through iTunes. The user can download the app by redeeming promo code without paying any fee. The promo codes can be redeemed either from iPhone or from the iTunes and iPad.

Creating Promo Codes (for developers):

You can request promotional codes to use for the promotional purposes. To request the code your update must be ready because for every update of yours app 50 Promotional codes are allotted. Each time the app is updated the number of codes go back to 50. The developer must agree to the Apples terms of the conduct before being allowed to use the promotional codes. If your app has not been approved for release on the App Store, you cannot request promotional codes for it. Promotional codes can be redeemed through any App Store around the world where your app is available.

To redeem promo code follow these steps:

  • Go to iTunes Connect (
  • Login
  • Access promotional code from the apps version details page
  • Enter the number of the promotional codes
  • The number you enter must according to the listed amount of the codes reaming for that update.

redeem promo code

Redeeming Promo Codes From iPhone:

1. Tap on the icon of the App Store.

app store icon

2. On the Featured Tab tap on the New Section.

promo codes

3. Now Scroll to the bottom of the list and tap the Redeem button.

redeem iphone promo code

4. Now enter the promo code and then tap the Redeem button in the right corner.

redeemable promo codes

5. Tap done and then tap the home button to return to the home screen.

how to redeem promo code

6. After some seconds you can see your app installing.


7. When the app is successfully installed tap it to launch your new app.

app promo codes

Redeeming Promo Codes from iTunes:

You can also redeem promo codes from iTune store. Head Over to this link to go on the iTunes Redeem Screen.

1. initiate iTunes and click on the iTunes Store.

itunes store
2. Click Redeem button on the right.

redeem from itunes
3. Just enter your code and click the Redeem button.

4. Now Click on your iPhone.

5. Click the Applications tab in the upper right corner.

6. Click the new app or click All Applications to check the box Than Apply it.

7. iTunes is going to install the new app to your iPhone.


Redeeming Promo code is easy once you know the steps to follow. If you follow the above steps you can redeem the Promo Codes without wasting your time and you can enjoy the free download of any app in the App Store. If you are going to experience any kind of issues in redeeming your promo codes refer to this link.

There are many other uses promo codes like you can send free redeemable promo codes to app developers and testing team, who test and helps you to remove bugs from your app. You can also send promo codes to app editors who download app for free and write a review about your app. Your can also submit your promo code to publish your app review. You can also advertise your app.


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