How to play Zombie Apocalypse?

Are you fond of playing games where you work for betterment or good will of overall mankind? If yes then you must check out the Zombie Apocalypse 3D. You will be assigned the mission to clear the world from zombies. What has happened is that a virus named Z-Virus has been spread due to negligence of a scientist. Human beings are getting affected and are converted in to walking dead zombies. They are causing harm and destroying everything that they come across. People are leaving the city so that they can save them from this disease.


Helicopter is all set to drop you to the affected area and then you must engage yourself in killing the zombies.You should kill each and every zombie that comes across you.In order to kill a zombie in single shot you need to hit it on head. Otherwise it will take few strokes to kill the zombie. If you want to kill them in a speedy manner then you must hit them hard on head. Kill as much zombies as possible and bring yourself to the top of the list and become an ultimate zombie reaper.

You must act smartly and speedily to get rid of the zombies otherwise they will infect you as well.

IOS Version of Zombie Apocalypse.