How To Monitor your Home and Business with iPhone Dropcam App?


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As a women I know it’s not easy to manage your home and business at the same time. Previously I was just doing internet surfing and there comes something new especially for women that are managing their home as well as business. I myself rarely use the phone at home but at the time of traveling I use my iPhone for FaceTime.


Now lets talk about women having children. FaceTime is the iPhone app where she can also see them when she is not around. Those parents who are both working people should have a security system in their home. But in case some people don’t have a camera in their children’s room. For those people I have a better solution for their problem. It would be easy for a woman to take look at her children even if she is not at home or somewhere traveling.

android dropcam app

Solution of this problem:

A variety of systems that monitors baby are now available everywhere in the market. But a lot of them consist of a matching handheld screening device that is not useful for a working woman. Or some of them just allow for screening on a personal computer that having same network connection like on the camera. Mainly of these devices are very expensive that an ordinary man cannot afford them. These are all useless and just take the advantage of scared parents. Those parents who want their child to be protected from every harassment of life. I have been looking a lot of special setups for a long time but it was not until CES 2012, when I discovered a better solution that is Dropcam HD. Now you can monitor your home and business with iPhone & Android Dropcam app.

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Features and advantages of iPhone Dropcam app:

A few months ago Dropcam HD released. It is a brand new device in the digital world. The camera is up to 720 pixels along with WiFi connection. It can be connected to network of your home via 802.11 b/g/n. Night vision and full color videos are the best capabilities of this camera. You can clearly see the video even if the light level lies below the threshold. Clear and smooth sound system you can also turn sound off if you want or you are at work. This is the best camera I had ever seen and also bought for my home. By using this device my life has become much more exciting and it releases my stress. I was very worried about my home security but thanks to iPhone Dropcam that make my working life much easier than I ever expected.

Video Review of How To Monitor your Home & Business with iPhone Dropcam App:

You can download Dropcam app for your Android and iPhone.

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