How To Install Office Facebook App For iPad Instructions [Guide]

by Ehsan on July 25, 2011


Today it was revealed that Facebook app for iPad is secretly hidden within the Facebook iPhone app. There are many other remorse out but know it is confirmed and exposed that facebook iPad app hidden in the facebook iPhone app. By tweaking iPhone facebook app you can install it on your iPad. Below you will find some simple tweaks to free download and install facebook app on your iPad. Of-Course you must be needed jailbreak iPad to do tweaks. The tweaks are simple so you don’t to worry about that because by following simple instructions and guide you can easily install facebook iPad app.

Know I am moving forward to step by step instructions to install facebook iPad app. Follow the below instruction carefully.

Step by Step Guide to Install Facebook iPad App:

  1. First of all you need jail-broken iPad.
  2. Now you can free download Facbook iPhone app version 3.4.4 from here.
  3. Once done, enter into Cydia and search and install iFile App.
  4. After installing iFile app, go to preferences, turn on application names and then go to Applications > Facebook > >info.plist > and finally select UIDevices Family.
  5. Change the value from 1 to 2 and hit done.
  6. Reboot you iPad and now when you tap the Facebook app it will start as iPad Facebook app.

If you miss any step or confused in any step follow the below video tutorial in which explained that how to install facebook app on iPad.

Enjoy with facebook on your iPad. Have good day.


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