Hidden Objects Animals Android Game

Hidden Objects Animals is the great app that is designed and developed by Bradlev C Grimm. This app is developed especially for the kids of the growing ages because it helps them in the learning process. This is the simple game the kid have to find the animals in the landscape. Hidden Objects Animals app is going to help the kids in remembering the names and shapes of the animals. The animals are the same they see  at zoo or on the tv or some other place.

Find and touch the Animals:

This game is also developed for the toddlers, so there are two  types of the modes in the Hidden Objects Animals one is the kids mode in which the kid have to find the hidden animals by simply the match of the pictures and in the toddlers mode the kid is going to get the reward even if they are going to touch the animals. The kids are given the stickers if they are successful in level completion hence they can easily decorate their levels with the stickers. There are so many objects in the game that kid have to find.

Well Designed Graphics and Sound plays:

The best part of the app is that no ads are there in the Hidden Objects Animals.  The graphics of the game are designed by keeping in mind that it is the kids app so the choice of the color is kept refreshing. Amazing sound play never let your child to distract from the game. There are so many landscapes in the Hidden Objects Animals, it is up to the kid that which landscape they choose to play. All the landscapes are different  from other but rule of the game is the same that kid have to find the hidden animals. There are so many stickers available in the Hidden Objects Animals they are given to the kids when they are going to complete the level successfully.

Hidden Objects Animals  is available for free download at App Store, download it for your kid and  let them increase their knowledge and learning capability .


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