Hello Pal: Talk to the World Voice Translation App Review

Hello pal: talk to the world is an app of its class. It is full of different people from different nationalities. I am in love with the app. Recently; I have improved on my Spanish language through the app. This free app is just adorable. I like it when I sign in and start chatting with ladies from different countries. I am sure after improving on my Spanish; I will meet a Spanish girlfriend.

The phrasebook and the games are awesome. I always wanted to have Spanish friends and now, here I am with more than 50 of them. If you have ever thought of getting friends from other nations, this is the app to give you the way. Have you ever thought of killing your leisure time, as your enjoy and learn at the same time? Then go ahead and get this app. The language game is perfecting my Spanish as I learn other languages.

I can’t go a day without using the app. It is the most effective and efficient app I have ever downloaded. I like it how I make foreign friends, exchanging languages and the instant translation from the chat room. The app is awesome and does everything they have promised.

You can free download Hello Pal App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.