HedgePult A iPhone Fune Game That Hedgehogs on your Gadget


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The current era has been turned into a gaming epoch and there is no doubt about it. Different kinds of games are available online especially if you are an iPhone user, as iTunes is offering a wide range of interesting games now. HedgePult is one of them. It is a free gaming app, which is designed by OkToGames to facilitate the users of both iPad and iPhone.

What HedgePult is all about?

Do you love playing with hedgehogs? If yes then this is the right game for you. The most amazing part is that in this game, you can see these cute little creatures flying. Do you know why? It is just because hedgehogs love eating apples and to get them, they are ready to do anything including flying. You will find two hedgehog brothers named Huf and Shuf in this game.

HedgePult iphone app

How will you play this game?

What you have to do in this game can be your concern? It is simple. You just have to help Huf and Shuf, the hedgehogs, to catch some apples, which are hanging on the tall trees. You can make them jump, swing on the branches, and bounce off the trees to get these apples. Besides this, Huf and Shuf have to make efforts to defeat their enemies in order to get their favorite treat and for this, you will have to help them.

In this game, you will also come across another cute hedgehog names Fik, who is another brother of Huf and Shuf. You will find him not willing to help Huf and Shuf but if you will help them to earn an extra reward, only then Fik will agree to help his brothers.

You can play the entire game in 40 captivating levels in which you will have to help the hedgehogs in order to get Apples as well as some gold medals.

Compatibility to Play HedgePult[qrcode content="https://itunes.apple.com/app/hedgepult/id650615519" foreground="#000000" background="#FFFFFF" ec="M" class="alignright" width="230" height="230"]

This full of fun game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as well, as to play this game you need a device having iOS 6.0 or later. The best thing is that to facilitate the users of iPhone 5, HedgePult is optimized for that device too. You can free download HedgePult iPhone Fun Game from iTunes here.


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