Hair Trimmer Clipper Android App Review


October 4, 2013AndroidNo comments


You are bored from your daily life routine?? Want to have some fun with your friends and family?? Than try the unique ways of the Playing tricks on your friends by using this amazing app Hair Trimmer Clipper. The app is going to provide you with so many ways to scare your friends. Enjoy their frightening expressions and have fun. To make these moments memorable you can capture their expressions to show them afterwards. This app is easy to use. You just have to press the image and the Hair Trimmer Clipper starts. The pressing image is going to start amazing feature of this app that is the vibration. This is going to make you feels like you have the real Hair Trimmer. Also you are able to see one more beautiful feature of this app that is the changing of the colors.


Unique Features of the Hair Trimmer Clipper:

This Hair Trimmer Clipper is going to provide you with the feeling like you are using the Real Hair Trimmer Clipper. The vibrating of the Phone once you start Hair Trimmer Clipper also plays great role in giving you and others the feeling of using Real Hair Trimmer. This real feeling has made this app more unique. No matter whats your idea you are going to be successful in tricking your friends and family because the vibration, buzzing sounds are also going to give them the feeling that you have the Real Hair Trimmer in your hand. You are able to turn on and off the sounds and the vibration but its preferred to turn on the sound and the vibration to enjoy the  feeling of the real Hair Trimmer Clipper

Don’t worry about the ideas once you are going to install the app and you are familiar of all the features the Hair Trimmer Clipper is providing than tricks to frighten your friends are going to automatically come in your minds like you are able to frighten your friends that you are going to trim their hair or spoil their haircuts.


This app is available at Google Play here. Try this and start planning that how to make your friends and family scary with your funny ideas. Hope you are going to enjoy this . If you want to share any idea or want any kind of help to have idea to prank your friends than feel free to ask.


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