Groove Planet iPhone App Review


January 13, 2016iPhone Mobile GamesNo comments

It’s a clicker app that was obviously made by individual with a profound love and comprehension of music. I have sort of an adoration association with clickers. More often venture side of these games can be really compensating in short blasts. I can sincerely say that Groove Planet is the first amusement in this classification where I really have delighted in the clicking. Another fascinating thing is that if the beat you’re tapping coordinates the melody and the song playing- – pretty much the length of your taps is steady. Two things make this fantastic: when you bolt into a beat and are joyfully tapping ceaselessly, your tap multiplier begins going up, and up.

It’s quite insane the amount you can gain, particularly when you’re tapping for a few minutes and have like 300+ successive taps added to your repertoire. When you first download the application you’ll have a few free melodies incorporated that are inconceivably appealing and dance-y, if you quit tapping for 20 seconds it’ll go into “tuning in” mode. If you don’t like the music it accompanies, you can simply stack up a few melodies from your own library. Fill the universe with a wonderful musicality, and awesome rhythm. Construct the first ever GROOVE PLANET.

You can free download Groove Planet iPhone App from Apple App Store here.