Google Music App 4.0.1 for Android Leaked with apk [Download]

by Ehsan on October 9, 2011


Today we have great news for all music lovers, who love to listed music on their Android smart phone and they are bored from Android old music app. Now time comes to switch to newly leaked Google Music app 4.0.1. Yes, it’s new and recently leaked from the lost Nexus prime/Galaxy Nexus. Android police is responsible for this leak of Google music app and the funny thing about Android police is that they are also responsible for the leaking of the first screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich. I think there is a strong link of Android police in the Google development team who exclusively leaked this or may be its marketing tactics.

Any how the good thing about leak is that now Google Music App for Android is now in your hands and it is available for free download. The interface of new Google Music App is very cool, glassy shine and user’s friendly. The first thing you noticed about this app is redesigned tabs and player area. There is a shinier buttons all around for your finger stabbing delectations. The whole interface of Google Music app show professional look. As you can see in the below screenshots.

Another interesting thing about Google leaked music app is that it is Apk file is available for free download. So you don’t need to wait for Google to officially released this app. It exactly like Google plus apk leaked app.

You can free download Google Music App 4.0.1 .apk from here.

To install Google Music .apk file on your Android smart phone you need a file manager or explorer which is available for download here.

We hope so you have successfully move Google Music app on your Android device and enjoying Google Music app. Don’t forget to come back to share your views about this crazy app.

Stay tuned for more cool free apps and much more.


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