Get Updates via Best News Reader on Your Android Devices


October 22, 2014AndroidNo comments

Getting news is not a problem anymore. With the smartphones, we have everything in our hands now. Google Play is full of apps and the Best News Reader is one of those apps, which is highly popular amongst the users. Those, who like to have the information of every minute’s news, must have this app in their phones.

Get Updates via Best News Reader:

It offers you all the latest articles, blogs, and latest news, as this app has everything that a newspaper can get you. Whatever the breaking news is and coming from whichever country, you can get it on your Android smartphone within no time. This app is prompt and gets the right news.

The Best News Reader app gets you the news from:

  • Life Hacker
  • The Economic Times
  • Engadget
  • TED Talks
  • FailBlog
  • The times of India
  • The TMZ
  • Gizmodo
  • Mashable
  • BBC News
  • The Smosh
  • Huffington Post
  • The Business Insider

It is visible that the app offers you the links to all the well known and world best newspapers. The Best News Reader has amazing features, which make its more useful for the Android users. The features are:

  • It gets you all the unread news at one place.
  • You can assemble the articles of your choice in the grid view or in the list view easily.
  • Light or dark themes can also be selected easily.
  • It has all the Google news in it as well.
  • You can access Facebook, Twitter, etc. from it and can share the articles with the friends as well.


  • You will receive the notification whenever there is some new article.
  • You can delete the articles which you have read.
  • The option of syncing app with the WiFi is available.

Hence, the Best News Reader is an ideal and reliable app, which should be in your Android device.