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November 2, 2013AndroidNo comments

If one would say that photo art has become one of the biggest attractions, these days, then it will not be wrong. To meet this recent era need, different developers have introduced different kinds of apps, which is why you will find different people using different types of apps. However, if you will talk about Android apps then the first choice of many users will be Pextr because of its friendly interface and amazing features.Pextr Android Apps on Google Play

What Pextr is all about?

It is basically a photo art app, which not only allows you to create photo art but also share it with other Pextr users. It is just like using a social networking tool with which you can tell others what is on your mind but here the approach will be different. However, in one aspect, this amazing Android app facilitates you more, as while using this smart app, you will not need any follower or friend to share your creativity.

You can just simply design your photo and can share it with other 3 random Pextr users. The basic purpose of this activity is to show your creativity to the world out there. The best part is that this creativity sharing is amazing. For example, you have shared a picture with three random users. If your shared picture will get positive feedback from any of the users then your creativity will be shared with 3 more users and thus, this cycle of creativity sharing will be continued.

Prominent Features of Pextr:

The basic aim of this amazing Android app is to circulate the creative designs of the Pextr users just like a social media tool. Along with this approach, this app offers quite a few magnificent features to its users. Some of them are as follows:

  • Using this app, the art work of the user can be recognized. Pextr offers different levels to verify the exposure the user have achieved so far.
  • With every positive rating earned, the user will get points. The more the points he will earn, the higher the level he will achieve.
  • Sharing of pictures is possible without any follower or friend.
  • In nutshell, you can say Pextr is one of the most amazing app one could have on one’s Android device.

You can download Pexter Android app from Google Play here.

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