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If one would say that with every passing day all of us are becoming health conscious then it will not be wrong. This is the reason, which is why many people prefer to purchase fruits and vegetables, these days. I am also one of them. The only difference between me and them is that I prefer to access some technology to make my life easier and more special. Few months back, when I planned to start having fruits and vegetables in my diet, I thought that to have such a diet plan will make me feel bored within few days. I wanted to stay healthy but did not want to get depressed just because I was having only fruits and vegetables in my diet.

Greenscans iPhone App Features:

To solve this problem of mine, I needed something with which I can add color to my diet plan. I started searching iPhone apps on Apple app online store being an iPhone user. After my little research, I came across Greenscans app, which is a product of Greenscans, Inc.

Greenscans is basically a mobile barcode app using which I can scan every green product with ease. Once you will scan the bar code of your green vegetables or fruits, you will get the details referring to what the product is, when you can have it, from where you can get such product, what is the purpose of having this product, why you should have this product on your table, etc. It is an amazing app that is available for free. Moreover, this app can be used not only on iPhone but also on iPad and iPod Touch because of its compatibility for iOS 4.3 or later. Apart from this, it offers the following features, which are quite amazing:

  • You can get nutrition value of the green products.
  • You can get the grower details along with the information of production and distribution process.
  • You can access the products’ related recipes.
  • Last but not the least, you can share your discoveries with your friends.

Your can free download Greenscans iPhone App from Apple App Store here.


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