How to Get Best Deals with iPhone Flipp App


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Forget coupons and flyers with discounts stashed across their pages which the new iPhone Flipp App ensures to rid you off. By means of the app which is largely taking over the app world, people no longer need to rely on coupons and discount codes which appear on various places on the internet, because the Flipp App delivers the best deals from the very best stores right to your smart phone. In other words, there is no need for you to scour the internet looking for means to garner discounts off products.

Get Best Deals with iPhone Flipp App Features:

The app consists of a number of decent features which ease off the worries and efforts every ordinary shopper puts into finding discounts and reductions in price from various suppliers. One of the features is the Clippings which enables users to clip items from various flyers right onto your virtual shopping list.

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There is an option for users to save their ideal store’s flyers and hence gain instant access to all new discounts being released. The user shall be notified of all the future coupons to be released from the store or in any ways related to the selected store.

The most important feature of the app however, has to be the Discount slider which makes sure to highlight the very best and top deals provided by any store. These are specifically placed in this category and with them users get to gain the most out of all the deals provisioned at that specific moment.

The highly detailed and efficient search bar is also of much use to users. Not only are stores searchable by means of this feature, but deals you have missed out on can also be looked up. Brands as well as items are also liable for search.

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An added bonus is the easy synchronization between devices hence linking your favorites as well as clippings to have more than one user to enjoy them. Or else if you have multiple iDevices, then share this information and data between your several devices with ease.

Users greatly laud the easy customization feature which is supplied by the application and the fact that it is very user friendly. The simple design has found many fans and every single user highly recommends it. Available free of cost to all users, this is one of the few apps which one would surprisingly ponder over why it is free of charge. You can free download iPhone Flipp App from iTunes here.

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