Galaxy Photo Screen Lock


July 9, 2014AndroidNo comments

Are you bored of viewing that usual screen lock in your smartphone? Do you want to customize your screen lock and make it appear as per your desire? Do you want to put your best friend’s picture on screen lock and prove your friendship to him? Then, you need to have this Galaxy Photo Screen Lock in your phone.

This app is something great, which will make you go WOW! With this app, you can make your phone dressed up in your way. Put any picture you want.

Galaxy Photo Screen Lock:

The app has some great features, which you will find nowhere on the Google Play Store. These features are:

–          Add any photo of your family, friends, kids, or of any hang out.

–          You will see the notifications of your missed calls or messages.

–          The status of battery can also be seen with this screen saver.

–          You can check the date, timings, and weekdays from your locked screen easily.

–          When you will slide the lock, you will see a picture.

–          The weather forecast will be there, which will show you the real weather forecast.

–          You can add more than 10 pictures to create a unique background.

–          You can also use the camera while holding it for 3 seconds.

–          You can get the weather forecast on your locked screen. Moreover, if you encounter any problem with the weather forecasting then restart your device and it will be fixed.

The app is supportive on all the devices, as it is on Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and S3. Just download and enjoy the customized screen lock on your device via Galaxy Photo Screen Lock.

Hence, if now you do not want to see those boring screen savers again on your smart gadget, then this app is right for you.