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Ozan has recently updated their popular Fun Sounds app for Apple’s idevices. The app, a quiet hit so far, has received a number of updates that look to put it right on par with the other casual applications from bigger studios.

Fun Sounds, at its heart an application for fun casual use, puts a library of almost two hundred interesting and unusual sounds at the users’ finger tips. These can be shared with friends or used otherwise as seen fit. The latter also includes the applications built-in alarm clock functionality. This is a particular strength of Fun Sounds where it lets its users select from its library of sounds to set alarms with custom tones.

The biggest feature of Ozan’s application however, and by far, beyond its social and utility features that actually puts it well into the casual application territory is its custom recording feature. This lets users of the application record custom Fun Sounds. These let the user record and play the sounds with variable speeds, pitches and tempos in real time. Coupled with the application’s social features, this gives a whole new dimension to Fun Sounds that makes it an immersive, fun experience to which people can keep returning to: the true strength of any good causal app.

Ozan has worked to consolidate this strength even further in its newest iterations of Fun Sounds. Their application has now been updated to accommodate for a retina experience across both the iPhone 4S and the new iPad. The UI has also been updated with newer, cleaner graphic elements, bringing Fun Sounds on par with the newer UI trends.

The paid version, Fun Sounds Ultimate, can be had today for $1.99 for an unadulterated, ad-free experience from the app store. The Fun Sounds Free version remains, alongside the advertisements.

Fun Sounds is also available on the Andriod and Windows Phone platforms.

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