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Today I am come up with new most popular and most addictive game Robo Defense strategy for Android. It is also included in the list of top 10 Android games such as Angry Birds, Cute The Rope, Fruit Ninja, Need For Speed Shift etc. Like all other you can free download Robo Defense with updated features. Robo Defense is the ultimate portable tower defense strategy game for Android devices. So you must be need to make some strategies in game play, this is one of the reason folk like this and addict to this.

Let me tell you how you can make strategy to achieve goals and complete levels.

How to Play Robo Defense Tower Android :

In this game you Robots are trying to get from one side of the map to other side and you need to stop them by building and upgrading towers. Now it’s your strategy how you build a tower to trap robot and kill them. In the map there is always one entrance and also an exit. The robot is always exit directly across from where they entered. While Robot is crossing their way, it also fire on you and reduce your health.  Your health is also appearing on the screen in the red heart which is shown the top upper left side.

After reading crazy game play of the most addictive Android game, you are ready download and install it on you Android device. It is available of Android market for free download but only old version is free for download. But don’t worry we have find some free version of Robo Defense game for you. First if you want to try demo version of Robot Defense Tower head over to Android market here.

Robo Defense v2.2.0 FULL FOR Android here and here.

You can also free download Robo Defense V2.2 .apk from here.


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