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Today we find one of the top best Fragger puzzle game for iPhone and that is available for download. There are more than 10 Million players of Fragger puzzle game and more than 100 Million game plays at These figures prove that Fragger is one of the top best and most popular iPhone puzzle game.

Fragger Puzzle Game for iPhone:

The story behind Fragger game is that the world of Fragger has been invaded by multiple various enemies and players are assigned to use their throwing grenades to defeat these enemies. By throwing grenades and defeating enemies you will progress to next levels of game and unlock more difficult levels. There are 40 different difficult levels that you need to complete to reach end of the game.

You may checkout the list of cool features:

Fragger Puzzle Game

Every new player addict to Fragger and they will must tell their friends about the game. You may checkout the great comments of Fragger players, they said that “Fragger is a nice little game with good graphics, controls and audio… It’s satisfying to play, trickier in places than you expect, and well worth the 59p/99c price” .

You may checkout the video demo of Fragger:

After watching above demo I think you are ready to port Fragger on your iDevices. Don’t worry, no more wait for Fragger. You can free download the cracked version of Fragger from the below links.

Fragger Version 1.9.1, Fragger Version 1.9 & Fragger Version 1.81.

However,we recommend you to download official paid version of Fragger from iTunes here.

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