Facebook for Android updated App V 1.6 .apk


Facebook recently released the new updated version 1.6 for Android devices. There are multiple new features are added in this update like video uploading straight away from your device, page viewing, news feed and much more.

Facebook for Android:

The video uploading new feature is pretty self explanatory; you can upload video straight away from you Android device by clicking on icon new video option that is next to the “What’s in your mind” text field. When you tap to video option, you are able to record video using built in camera on your Android device and upload straight away to your Facebook profile. It is just like you take picture from you Android device and upload to your Facebook profile. As you can see in the below screenshot.

Facebook for Android

The news feed and page viewing feature is also pretty well organized. By using this feature you are able to load more type of content. The popularity of Facebook for Android increase day by day and growing faster than iOS.

Now you can free download Facebook from Android updated new version from Android Market. Or you can also free download Facebook Android .apk file from here.


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