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Inspired by their firstling Tomb PinBall, Kynetix created its funny successor – artistic variant of a classic billiards game the Pool Gothica. Hitting skulls instead of boring balls gives way more fun and giggles to you and your friends! Crazy “afterlife” humour entertains the whole family and your friends making them laugh and compete for best results.

Challenge yourself to hit the red skull ball into the targeted pocket in a one shot to get the highest score. Many creative backgrounds and different modes feast your eyes. You’ll experience playing pool on different surfaces: classic green billiard cloth, wood, ice, and, even fire!

Pool Gothica Android Game:

The object of the game is simple: shoot the cue ball – the white Jimmie the Crazy Skull – toward the billiard balls with your finger. Shots are played via your phone’s touch screen. Ideally, you should try to get the red skull into the targeted pocket with one shot. But be sure to keep your cue ball out of the pockets. A scratch ends your game like that. When the finger is pressed on the cue ball, a line appears indicating what the shot will look like before you make it. To have fullest control over the cue ball change the direction of the shot by pressing the shot direction button in the menu. The number of shots left is displayed at the bottom of the game screen. Earn more shots by playing other balls anywhere you wish – each played ball gives you an extra shot to hit the cue ball into the targeted pocket.
First 5 training levels will help you struggle with further more challenging modes. Pool Gothica keeps track of your best scores so you’ll have what to boast.

What differs Pool Gothica from other billiards games is first of all a fresh idea of a new gameplay when you focus only on one red ball mainly. And, of course, creative art that already has become the specialty of Kynetix games. Intuitive interface and adjustable gameplay let you control every aspect of the shot and definitely are the game’s strong pro’s. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Pool Gothica will keep you occupied with its different levels of complexity, excellent graphics and realistic physics.

So jump in and win the battle with Jimmie the Crazy Skull and his buddies. You can free download Pool Gothica from here.

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Check out Pool Gothica YouTube video for hints and tips.

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