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I am always a food lover, and thus, love to find different recipes to enjoy cooking different types of food. For this, I not only read cooking magazines but being a technology lover, also search cooking apps on the online app store. This is the reason, which is why I stay updated with the current cooking trends. I not only love to cook but also love to know what other people like to cook for their loved ones.

Few days back, I decided to find an app with which I can find what other people love to cook. I knew that to find a cooking app would not take much time but to find what other people love to cook would be somehow difficult. However, I explored Apple online app store and to my amazed, I found a relevant app there. The app I found there named FoodShow, which is developed by BeAppy Labs, Inc. I thought it would be a cooking app but no. This app was all about sharing. Using this app, I cannot only share my cooking recipes but can also come to know what others love to cook.

What FoodShow App actually is?

FoodShow app is all about sharing what you ate with the rest of the world. For this type of sharing, the best approach is to take the picture what you cooked and upload it with an attractive description. Not only this, you can also browse food preferences of other people. Moreover, you can like and comments on the posts as well. The best part is that not only this app is available for free but one can also upload one’s preferences for free.

Compatibility of FoodShow:

You will find lots of app, which are specifically designed for one gadget only. FoodShow is not one of those apps and you can use this app not only on iPhone but also on iPad and iPod Touch, as it requires iOS 7.0 or later. However, keep in mind that to use this app in any of your gadgets, your gadget must have 10.9 MB space in it.

Do not waste time and get this app in your gadget to share your favorite meals with others and to know what they like to eat!


You can free download App from Apple App Store here.


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