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March 13, 2014iPhone GamesNo comments

Flying Bieber is the amazing app developed by Michael Hamlet for the fans of the Justin Bieber . There are challenging levels in this game in which you have to flap and fly. Just keep care of the point that you have to avoid the incoming microphones in the air, if any of the microphone is going to hit the Justin Bieber than you are going to lose the level.

Well Designed Graphics and Interface:

The attractive sounds and the amazing backgrounds make this app more addictive. The interface is user friendly there is no need to seek any guideline to play this game. The background with flying head of the Justin Bieber , the crowd and the sceneries are also there in this game to make the interface  more beautiful.

Unique App: 

There are so many similar apps on the App Store like the Flying Bieber but this app is unique from the all other apps, because of its amazing feature that in this game you can press the invincibility button and go in the safe mode for the 10 seconds  in this mode you have no danger to get out. This option is added in this game so you can easily attain the high score.

Upcoming Updates:

There are so many amazing features that are coming soon in the upcoming updates of this game. The new levels with some challenging activities, some flying objects from the audience and you have to avoid them in the same manner you avoid the incoming microphones. There are going to be some new sounds and the features. But you don’t need to worry about downloading the updates of the app. The updates are automatically installed once you download the app.This game is addictive once you start playing you are going to play again and again.

You can also change the flying head of the Justin Bieber with flying zombies and the Big Balls if you don’t like to play with the flying head of the Justin Bieber. Flying Bieber is designed for iPhone and iPad, you can download and use it on both. This app is available for download at App Store. You can free download Flying Bieber from Apple App Store here.

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