Fly with Dragon Pal to Explore Enchanted Island


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Playing different games on my iPad is always fun for me especially when it comes to try fantasy games on my gadget. The best part is that I do not have to struggle much to find any interesting game. The reason behind this convenience is the availability of countless amazing games on Apple app online store. The need is just to explore the app store to get your required app.

Due to this availability, I keep on visiting Apple app online store on regular basis. Few days back, I was exploring app store where I found a fantasy app, which was recently introduced and got lots of downloads and good reviews. The success of the app grabbed my attention and I decided to download the app. The best part was that the fantasy app named Dragon Pal was available for free.

Fly with Dragon Pal to Explore Enchanted Island

Dragon Pal is simple to play game. In this game, you will be a boy with green hat, who will have a dragon Pal. In the whole game, you will explore the island by flying with your dragon pal.

Dragon Pal is 3D animated game, which gives you an opportunity to experience lots of amazing visual effects and fun characters in an enchanted island. Now you must be thinking that if this game is all about flying and exploring an unknown island then it will be boring. Here you need to understand that while exploring the island, you will have to collect various magic jewelry pieces and other items including magic rose oil to produce different potion including love potion, bravery potion, and much more. The entire practice will make the game more exciting.


You can also download this app if you have iPad or iPhone, as this app is compatible with these gadgets and requires iOS 6.0 or later along with 48.1 MB memory in it.

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