Flirt Planet Play, The Flirtual Reality Game


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Flirt Planet Play is the great app designed by Truly Social. This app is basically a  truly social fun game.  There is no such game on the App Store like Flirt Planet Play.  By using this app you can create an avatar of your own choice. There are so many dresses in the dress collection. Choose the dress according to your mood and choose your style. You can create new avatar at any time. There are so many exciting locations in this game you have to explore them.

Amazing Features of the Flirt Planet Play:

  • You can create your  avatar and change it anytime
  • Chat using the dialogues in the app
  • Have fun and enjoy playing this game.

Scientific Mission in the Flirt Planet Play:

Once you have decided your date you can also share it own the Facebook or continue playing the game. Flirt Planet Play not force you to share the game results on the Facebook it’s up to you whether you want to share it on Facebook or not.You can enjoy lot of fun while playing Flirt Planet Play. While playing this game you are part of the special scientific mission in which your target is to find love. You have to spread this energy force love in the human population as much as you can. You also have to communicate with people. Don’t worry if you are getting problems while achieving your mission, your scientist fellows are there with you to guide you at every step.
The one constraint of Flirt Planet Play that you can’t play it offline. It can only be played when there is internet connection. This app is freely available on the App Store for download but you can buy some items of the game by paying some amount. Download Flirt Planet Play, The Flirtual Reality Game app from App Store it is free of cost. Feel free to ask any question if you have any query to developer . Like our page on Facebook ,Twitter , Pinterest, YouTube.


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