5 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps for Android


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5 Excellent Fingerprint Lock Apps for Android:

Fingerprint Lock app for your Android Smartphone is a good way to maintain your phone security and of course to befool your friends. Android now comes with a finger print scanning lock screen which not actually scans your fingerprint but it is just an entertainment application meant to get some fun with your friends. Fingerprint lock for android is a fun application that not locks your Smartphone but it helps you to make people surprised and stop them to fidget with your Smartphone.

This app is basically meant for entertainment and required only a trick to unlock your Android Smartphone and to create impression on your friends in a smarter way. To install this Fingerprint Lock app, you just need an Android 1.5 or higher run and it is entirely free to download. There are various free fingerprint lock app available, so choose the one for your Android and enjoy a sophisticated style to unlock your Smartphone.

Here is given a list of 5 best fingerprint lock apps for your Android.

List of 5 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps for Android:

1. Lockify Custom Lock Screens

And the last not the least in the list of fingerprint lock apps is the Lockify-custom Lock Screens app for your Android. Unlike other fingerprint lock apps, this application not uses any trick but instead it has many wallpapers and screensavers that give the resemblance of screen locks. You can also create picture by your own by using the pictures provided with the application. And after setting your wallpaper, it will exactly look like an authentic screen lock and thus protect your Android Smartphone from the unauthorized interference of other people.

2. DataDefender

The best fingerprint lock app for Android is the Datadefender that is basically designed for the Motorola Atrix Smart phones. This app contains in-built biometric sensors to recognize your fingerprints. Thus it blocks the unauthorized access to your phone and protects your important data or information saved on your mobile phone. The app also has an option of PIN password or pattern unlock that enables you to restrict the access of others to certain applications without your permission. This wonderful app works surprisingly with all Atrix phones.

3. Finger Scanner Lite

It is just a tricky app that makes your friends believe that your Smartphone really recognizes the fingerprints. This is just an entertaining Android app that stops the access to all the fingerprints that not get matched to the saved ones in your phone. Thus whenever, some of your friend tries to unlock your phone without your permission, he will certainly believe that your phone has an authentic fingerprint scan application. But in reality, it is just a fun app and is designed for the Android users who have get bored of the same old password protection applications and want some fun and sophistication in their Smartphone.

4. Finger scanner Lock

Similar to the Finger Scanner Lite app, this Android application is also meant to befool others. It is just a fun application that is designed to deny others access to your phone without your permission. Moreover, this app also has animated graphics and sound effects to make it look astounding and realistic.

5. Fingerprint Screensaver

If you want to install a fingerprint app but you don’t have the Motorola Atrix Smartphone, the fingerprint Screensaver is the right app for your Android. It does not actually lock the screen of your device but it creates the illusion to others that your mobile can scan fingerprints. After installing this app, you are asked to save samples of 3 fingerprints and it recognizes them with the pressure of your finger. Every time when you access your phone, the screensaver will scan your fingerprints and matches them with your saved samples that you have provided to unlock the phone.

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