Fiery Flyer Bomboo The Bullet Android Game

To play on my Android phone is one of the biggest luxuries for me, especially when it comes to play games on it in my leisure time. This is the basic reason, which compels me to explore Google Play on frequent basis. Sometimes, my friends also make fun of me by saying that I have become addicted to play games on my gadget. But, I feel proud of it, as this is my love for my gadget.

Fiery Flyer Bomboo:

Few days back, I was exploring Google Play where I found Fiery Flyer, Bomboo The Bullet app. I found the name quite appealing. So, I decided to download this game in my Android device. The best part was that this gaming app was available for absolutely free.

If you will also play this game on your gadget, then you will find a few exciting Bomboo characters, which will act Fiery to pass all the obstacles. These Bomboos are actually the guardians, which have special powers to protect the Niland from enemies. Keep in mind that these guardian Bomboos are trained enough to fight with the enemy and have worked hard to get the rank of Guardian Bomboo.

The two main characters in this adventurous gaming app are Flyer-Vulcan and Flyer-Hawker, who have to pass through cities, forests, castles, and other places. They both are on quest to protect their homeland from the enemies and have to get through different obstacles in order to win the quest.

Both of these Bomboo characters have distinct skills. For example, the Flyer-Vulcan is best to fly through the corners whereas the Flyer-Hawker is best to fly over countless obstacles even if the distance is long.

This free gaming app offers you an opportunity to enjoy fantasy and to collect points in order to unlock the next levels.