Features offered by an app to enhance your security


October 16, 2015Apps iPhoneNo comments

No doubt technology has added to several benefits to our lives but at the same time there are threats to the security as well. With more and more cases of data breaches and hacks, people are more inclined towards enhancing the security of their personal information. DialMask is one of those apps that facilitate people to add to an extra layer of the privacy for the people and prevent them from getting their information exposed.
Are you aware of the fact that your mobile phone is a public information? Well if not them let me add to your information that it is. With this wonderful and simple app you restrict yourpersonal information to get public. Making use of this app will allow you to keep yourself safe and secure in every manner. Using the app will enable you to make calls and send texts via private number. Just get your hands on this app and offer peace of mind to yourself that you are safe. Free trial of this app is available so that you may use and see its benefits.

Features offered by DialMask:
This wonderful app has the following features to offer to its users:
• You will not have to pay any fee in order to get yourself registration
• This app does not offer any call forwarding and call back procedures
• You will have the option to choose your own number with the help of voicemail
• Receive and make calls from any part of the world
• You can make international and local calls at very competitive rates
• You can enjoy texting facilities for UK, US, Australia, Canada and France
Uses of the DialMask:
• Do you use personal number in order to manage the business?
• It can be used to hire movers
• You can buy, bid or sell online
• In short just get the app downloaded and enjoy its uses in every manner.

You can free download DialMask app from app store.