Fast And Frequently Texts Forwarding App For iPhone

by Ehsan on September 12, 2011


Frequently Forwarded Texts (FFT) is the perfect app who are the big fan of hilarious content. App’s huge content make you to stick on to it for long time. This app is designed especially for 17+ years old people. By the user friendly interface, anyone can browse, share and contribute the content very easily.

FFT comes with 3 different things: Browse and Enjoy; Forward and Share; Upload and Contribute. In Forward and Share, you can enjoy enormous collection of hilarious sms, images, videos and jokes. In Forward and Share thing, you can share the content you like via text, email, twitter or Facebook. The last thing is Upload and Contribute; you can contribute your own data and make other users to browse it. For easy browsing, whole content is categorized in to six groups: Buddy text, entries of FFT, FWD text, Pictures, Videos and who’ d U Rather- for guys and gals.

You can start your browsing app with Buddy text, In this you can read all hilarious submissions that users have sent or received and can post your real time content to users. In Fwd texts, you can send your most favorite content and some small sound bites through texts. In Pictures, you can look through enormous images present and forward them to your friends. In Jokes, you can browse, share and upload jokes with your friends. Who’ d U rather- for guys and gals is the final group of the app in which you can browse and the hottest pictures present in the app. The best feature is, you can also upload any picture and make other users to vote, which gives great

FFT is fun and interesting app which opens up a whole new world of hilarious and interesting content. Its simple and easy to work around and has a enormous collection of content. This is available in the App Store for download or you can find it on


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