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There are different kinds of apps available at Apple app online store for distinct purposes and we all know this. Some of these apps can be used for informational purpose whereas some of them can be accessed for entertainment purpose. Apart from them, you will also find some amazing apps of their own kind. One of them is 432 Player, which is developed by Ophir Paz. I explored this amazing app few days back when I was exploring a musical based iPhone app and I came across this app. Without any doubt, this app made me quite surprise because of the concept based on which it works.

The basic concept behind the app creation:

The basic concept behind the creation of this amazing app is to offer the music to the listener with the pitch that is harmonious to his body and mind. According to the scientific research, every one of us should listen to the beat, which may bring harmony in our lives. As per the research, the music that we listen, these days, is of concert pitch that is A=440 Hz, which is not that much pleasant for our body. This is one of the major reasons because of which the music world is also focusing on the movement to bring the music back to 432 Hz pitch, which is also known as the Mathematical Tuning or the Natural Tuning. According to the developer, the soothing music can create resonance in our body because of the availability of 70% water in it and can become the major source of healing. This is the basic research based on which the developer created this app for users.

Price of 432 Player app

Despite of the amazing functionality of this app, it is available for absolutely free for all Apple users. The need is just to access the Apple app online store to download this app in your smart gadget.

Compatibility of 432 Player app

This app is compatible to access on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 5.1 or later along with 15.8 MB memory in the gadget.

It is one of those amazing apps, which everyone should have in one’s app. The best thing about this app is that it supports all types of music to be played via it. You can free download 432 Player App from Apple App Store here.


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