Enjoy your leisure time with And a Panda


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Playing colorful games on my iPhone is my all time favorite activity. The best thing is that there are millions of apps available on Apple app online store. Most of these apps are available for free or accessible against negligible cost, which is another amazing thing for a person like me, who prefers to play every type of gaming app available on Apple app online store. Thus, it was never difficult for me to find any iPhone app to enjoy my leisure time.

Enjoy your leisure time with And a Panda:

Few days back, I was exploring Apple app online store where I found a gamming app with a unique name, which attracted me a lot. The name of the game was And a Panda. Due to this unique name, I decided to download this game. The best thing is that the app was available for free. You can also get this app, if you have either iPhone or iPad but keep in mind that the app will require at least 5.8 MB space in your gadget to be functional.

I found And a Panda app quite simple yet interesting. The interface of the game was very friendly and the vibrant and eye catchy colors of the app were enough to make it more appealing. And a Panda game is all about managing the little cute panda so that it may not hit the ground. You just need to juggle with your panda. Forget about other pandas, just focus on your own, and not let it hit the ground. I played the game same way and made a huge score. Not only me but my younger sisters also enjoyed playing this game. If I would say that And a Panda has become our family game now then it will not be wrong.

I enjoyed playing this game, now it is your turn!

You can free download And a Panda Game from App Store.

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