Enjoy Catching Fish via Bottom Feeders on your iPhone


October 21, 2014Games iPhoneNo comments

Fish games are always fun, as many people find fish a fun animal. We like to catch them in real and it is such a fun activity. The iTunes has brought such game for you in your iPhones so that you may enjoy it too anywhere and anytime you want.

The Bottom Feeders is the game where you can play an amazing game with Captain Salty in the sea of Treasure Inlet. In the Bottom Feeders, you have to collect more fish and the more you will catch, the more Sandollars you will make.

With the Sandollars, you get a chance to reach to the deep waters and catch fish there. The game is very easy to play and you just have to tap with the fingers and thumb. Just drop and pull your net by moving your finger. There are some interesting features in this game, such as:

  • By dropping anchor, you can get the time enhancement.
  • You will get faster winches with the upgrading levels.
  • The radar gets upgraded too when the level increases.
  • Solving the puzzles in the water is more like a fun.

You will find the fish like Groopers, Toona, and Scrubbers of four types, Bloopers and slippery darts. It looks like there is so much fun in this game down there! You will find subtle Spotted Scrubbers there too, that one is really valuable if you catch it.  The game requires you to play it without tearing up or losing your fishing net. When in the deep waters, do find out those precious snails as well.

Get yourself power up by securing the net from Spikes and Grunts, who could explode and tear your net.

Not only these interesting things, can you build your own 3D aquarium by finding outstanding fishing spots right at the first attempt. Come up with all the fishing accessories and get ready for the fishing in the furious sea waters.

Watch App Demo Video:

The Bottom Feeder is available for free on the iTunes and is more appealing than any other game accessible on fishing. It has cute fish and real sea kind of images, which will make you addicted to this game.