Emoji An Amazing Messaging app for Android Tablet


July 25, 2014AndroidNo comments

Emoji is an Android enabled standard keyboard application. It’s a popular messaging application that contains emoticons and stickers. It is easy to install and simple to use. You just have to tap on any emoticon you want to select as your favorite emoji and then it’s posted to the messaging application.

Simple to use:

When the messaging application is running, you simply have to slide down the notification bar to launch it. When you will close the messaging application, the Emoji app will disappear from the notification bar itself.

Loaded with smileys and emoticons:
Once the app is enabled, you can whop 25 pages of Emoji which is broken into 5 categories. UsingEmoji, it can get pretty dam easy to get the best smileys and emoticons on the keyboard. It is a standalone application that does not really take that much space in your phone too.

If you want to use the app, you will need iOS 6 or the later version. It is optimized for Android. What’s not to like in Emoji? You can select the smiley and emoticons according to your choice which can let you add some spice to your notes, text messages and calendars. The basic function of this application is to enable Emoji. Even if you are a user who creates Android only blogs and websites, you will not have to search for a special code to add the emoticon or codes. Just get emoticons keyword application, surf the icons and make use of them.

The best thing is that Emoji is available for free so it’s not going to be a problem to install it in your Android and use it. With hundreds of free stickers and emoticons, you will love sending messages with your personal touch to the people who are in contact with you.