Dwarven Chess Free iPhone App Review


December 21, 2013iPhoneNo comments

Gaming apps are quite popular among the smart gaming lover. This is the reason, which is why you will find a lot of gaming apps at Apple online app store. The best part is that many of the available games are the combination of modern and traditional gaming features. One of such game is Dwarven Chess Free, which is developed by Triceratapps Publishing LLc.

We all know that chess is one of those traditional games, which people love to play for centuries. Even the kings and queens preferred to play this game at their times. Without any doubt, this game was considered the best source of depicting intellect in olden time. Dwarven Chess Free is one of such games with which you can show your intellect now in the current era.

Dwarven Chess Free Features:

In this game, Lead King Thorund and his clan of Dwarven are facing chess challenge against surging Goblin. Dwarven Chess Free is a free game, which offers a lot of distinct features to its players. These features are as follows:

  • You can become the part of either Dwarven campaign or Goblin campaign. In both the challenges, you will be able to enjoy 8 amazing challenges with 24 levels and 7 unique challenges with 23 levels respectively.
  • This game offers 30 unique 3D characters along with 15 unique 3D backgrounds.
  • You can enjoy playing this game in table top mode and online player vs. player mode.


This gaming app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Thus, it can be played on iPhone, iPad, and on all generations of iPod Touch. The only requirement to play this game on these gadgets is to have 651 MB memory space at least.

In nutshell, if one would say that it is a game of its own kind then it will not be wrong because Dwarven Chess Free is a game that offers the combination of ancient and modern gaming strategies. Hence, get this free app from Apple online app store without wasting your time and enjoy playing this game whether you are a 9 years old kid or 90 years old man. You can free download from Apple App Store. You can also download Android version of game from Google Player Store here.

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